Ordering Recommendation

Use to evaluate the protein composition of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Not useful to assess for multiple sclerosis; the preferred test to assess for multiple sclerosis is Oligoclonal Band Profile (0080440).

New York DOH Approval Status

This test is New York state approved.

Specimen Required

Patient Preparation


Specimen Preparation

Transport 1 mL CSF. (Min: 0.5 mL)

Storage/Transport Temperature


Unacceptable Conditions

Ambient: 8 hours; Refrigerated: 2 weeks; Frozen: 1 month


Quantitative Electrophoresis


Mon, Wed, Fri


1-5 days

Reference Interval

Total Protein: 15-45 mg/dL                       Alpha-2: 0.0-5.4 mg/dL
Pre-albumin: 0.0-3.1 mg/dL                       Beta: 0.0-8.1 mg/dL
Albumin: 8.4-34.2 mg/dL                          Gamma: 0.0-5.4 mg/dL
Alpha-1: 0.0-3.1 mg/dL

Interpretive Data

Compliance Category



CSF electrophoresis may be useful in the diagnosis of tumors in the central nervous system or neurological illness. Oligoclonal Band Profile (ARUP test code 0080440) may be more appropriate for patients with suspected multiple sclerosis. Myelin Basic Protein (ARUP test code 0080515) offers little incremental value in the evaluation of multiple sclerosis. For the evaluation of blood brain barrier integrity, Immunoglobulin G, CSF Index (ARUP test code 0050676), included in the Oligoclonal Band Profile test, may be useful.

Hotline History


CPT Codes

84157; 84166


Component Test Code* Component Chart Name LOINC
0050015 Albumin, CSF 2861-3
0050040 Alpha-1, CSF 2864-7
0050045 Alpha-2, CSF 2867-0
0050115 Beta, CSF 2870-4
0050275 Gamma, CSF 2873-8
0050430 Pre-Albumin, CSF 2876-1
0050560 Total Protein, CSF 2880-3
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  • Electrophoresis, Protein, Spinal Fluid
Protein Electrophoresis, CSF