Expedited Processing of Refrigerated Short-Stability Specimens

Purpose: Identify tests for which expedited processing of time-sensitive specimens (refrigerated specimens with short stability) is available.

IMPORTANT: This process only applies to refrigerated specimens with a 48-hour stability. Placing time-sensitive stickers on a room temperature (ambient) transport bag may result in compromised specimens. 

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For any questions, or to begin using ARUP’s time-sensitive process, please contact Client Relations Training at clienttraining@aruplab.com.

Shipping Guide for Time-Sensitive Specimens with a Stability of 48 hours

In our ARUP Test Directory, ‘Time Sensitive’ refers to specimens that are refrigerated and must be received at ARUP within 48 hours from collection. A test that is considered Time Sensitive has a stopwatch icon stopwatch icon located with the test information in the ARUP Test Directory.

Example of barcode
Example of barcode on transport bag sleeve

IMPORTANT: This new guide only applies to refrigerated specimens with a 48-hour stability.

  1. Fill out required information on bag.
  2. Place time-sensitive label over the bag’s barcode.
  3. Place smaller barcode label on bag’s tear-off portion for your records.
  4. Place rack, containing time-sensitive specimens only, into refrigerated bag.
  5. Insert time-sensitive specific packing list in the bag sleeve.
  6. For orders placed through an Interface, please stamp your packing list with “Time Sensitive” (eSupply: Item # 56785).

Couriers will pick up all bags at once, package, and ship specimens.

NOTE:  Order time sensitive labels through eSupply: Item # 56529.

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