Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1) with Calculated Z-Score
Ordering Recommendation

Aid in diagnosis of growth hormone excess or deficiency disorders.

Quantitative Chemiluminescent Immunoassay
1-2 days
New York DOH Approval Status
This test is New York DOH approved.
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Disease Topics
Specimen Required
Patient Preparation
Serum Separator Tube (SST) 
Specimen Preparation
Transport 1mL, serum in an ARUP Standard Transport Tube. (Min: 0.5 mL) 
Storage/Transport Temperature
Unacceptable Conditions
Plasma, tissue, or urine.  Grossly hemolyzed or lipemic specimens. 
After separation from cells: Ambient: 24 hours; Refrigerated: 1 week; Frozen: 1 year 
Reference Interval
0 year11-100 ng/mL8-131 ng/mL 35 years83-241 ng/mL81-278 ng/mL
1 year12-120 ng/mL9-146 ng/mL 36 years83-240 ng/mL80-277 ng/mL
2 years13-143 ng/mL11-165 ng/mL 37 years83-239 ng/mL80-277 ng/mL
3 years14-169 ng/mL13-187 ng/mL 38 years83-238 ng/mL79-276 ng/mL
4 years15-200 ng/mL15-216 ng/mL 39 years83-238 ng/mL78-274 ng/mL
5 years16-233 ng/mL19-251 ng/mL 40 years82-237 ng/mL76-271 ng/mL
6 years17-269 ng/mL24-293 ng/mL 41 years81-236 ng/mL75-267 ng/mL
7 years18-307 ng/mL30-342 ng/mL 42 years80-235 ng/mL73-263 ng/mL
8 years20-347 ng/mL39-396 ng/mL 43 years78-233 ng/mL71-258 ng/mL
9 years23-386 ng.mL49-451ng/mL 44 years76-230 ng/mL69-253 ng/mL
10 years29-424 ng/mL62-504 ng/mL 45 years74-277 ng/mL66-249 ng/mL
11 years37-459 ng/mL76-549 ng/mL 46 years72-225 ng/mL64-246 ng/mL
12 years49-487 ng/mL90-581 ng/mL 47 years71-224 ng/mL62-243 ng/mL
13 years64-508 ng/mL104-596 ng/mL 48 years69-224 ng/mL60-240 ng/mL
14 years83-519 ng/mL115-591 ng/mL 49 years68-225 ng/mL59-238 ng/mL
15 years102-520 ng/mL121-564 ng/mL 50 years67-225 ng/mL57-236 ng/mL
16 years119-511 ng/mL122-524 ng/mL 51 years66-225 ng/mL55-235 ng/mL
17 years131-490 ng/mL120-479 ng/mL 52 years65-222 ng/mL53-234 ng/mL
18 years137-461 ng/mL117-436 ng/mL 53 years64-218 ng/mL52-233 ng/mL
19 years137-428 ng/mL113-399 ng/mL 54 years62-214 ng/mL51-233 ng/mL
20 years133-395 ng/mL109-372 ng/mL 55 years61-210 ng/mL49-234 ng/mL
21 years127-364 ng/mL107-351 ng/mL 56 years59-206 ng/mL48-235 ng/mL
22 years120-338 ng/mL105-337 ng/mL 57 years58-204 ng/mL47-236 ng/mL
23 years112-316 ng/mL103-326 ng/mL 58 years56-203 ng/mL46-238 ng/mL
24 years105-298 ng/mL102-317 ng/mL 59 years55-203 ng/mL44-240 ng/mL
25 years99-283 ng/mL100-311 ng/mL 60 years53-206 ng/mL43-241 ng/mL
26 years94-271 ng/mL98-305 ng/mL 61 years51-209 ng/mL41-243 ng/mL
27 years90-262 ng/mL96-301 ng/mL 62 years49-214 ng/mL40-244 ng/mL
28 years87-255 ng/mL93-297 ng/mL 63 years46-219 ng/mL38-244 ng/mL
29 years84-250 ng/mL91-293 ng/mL 64 years43-225 ng/mL36-244 ng/mL
30 years83-246 ng/mL89-290 ng/mL 65 years40-231 ng/mL34-241 ng/mL
31 years82-244 ng/mL87-286 ng/mL 66 years37-236 ng/mL32-238 ng/mL
32 years82-243 ng/mL85-283 ng/mL 67 years34-240 ng/mL30-235 ng/mL
33 years82-242 ng/mL82-280 ng/mL 68 years31-243 ng/mL28-231 ng/mL
34 years82-242 ng/mL82-279 ng/mL 69 years29-245 ng/mL27-228 ng/mL

AGEMaleFemale AGEMaleFemale
70 years27-246 ng/mL26-226 ng/mL 78 years20-196 ng/mL19-210 ng/mL
71 years26-245 ng/mL24-224 ng/mL 79 years19-189 ng/mL18-206 ng/mL
72 years25-242 ng/mL24-222 ng/mL 80 years18-184 ng/mL18-200 ng/mL
73 years24-236 ng/mL23-221 ng/mL 81 years17-180 ng/mL18-193 ng/mL
74 years23-229 ng/mL22-220 ng/mL 82 years16-177 ng/mL17-186 ng/mL
75 years22-221 ng/mL21-218 ng/mL 83 years16-176 ng/mL17-179 ng/mL
76 years22-212 ng/mL20-216 ng/mL 84 years16-176 ng/mL17-173 ng/mL
77 years21-204 ng/mL20-214 ng/mL 85 years15-177 ng/mL17-167 ng/mL

Interpretive Data
A Z score is the number of standard deviations a given result is above (positive score) or below (negative score) the age- and sex-adjusted population mean. Results that are within the IGF-1 reference interval will have a Z score between -2.0 and +2.0.

Both patient age and sex are required for Z-score calculation. Reference intervals have not been established in individuals older than 85 years.
Hotline History
Component Test Code*Component Chart NameLOINC
2007699IGF 1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1)2484-4
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