Autoimmune Liver Disease Evaluation with Reflex to Smooth Muscle Antibody (SMA), IgG by IFA
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Recommended first-line panel for evaluation of autoimmune liver disease. Negative results do not rule out disease.

Semi-Quantitative Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay/Semi-Quantitative Indirect Fluorescent Antibody
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1-4 days
New York DOH Approval Status
This test is New York DOH approved.
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Disease Topics
Specimen Required
Patient Preparation
Serum Separator Tube (SST). 
Specimen Preparation
Separate from cells ASAP or within 2 hours of collection. Transfer 1 mL serum to an ARUP Standard Transport Tube. (Min: 0.6 mL) 
Storage/Transport Temperature
Unacceptable Conditions
Non-serum specimens. Contaminated, heat-inactivated, grossly hemolyzed, grossly icteric, severely lipemic specimens or inclusion of fibrin clot. 
After separation from cells: Ambient: 48 hours; Refrigerated: 2 weeks; Frozen: 1 year (avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles) 
Reference Interval
Test Number
Reference Interval
0050065Mitochondrial M2 Antibody, IgG (ELISA)
20.0 Units or lessNegative
20.1-24.9 UnitsEquivocal
25.0 Units or greaterPositive

0055241Liver-Kidney Microsome - 1 Antibody, IgG
0.0-20.0 UNegative
20.1-24.9 UEquivocal
25.0 U or greaterPositive

0051174F-Actin (Smooth Muscle) Antibody, IgG by ELISA with Reflex to Smooth Muscle Antibody, IgG Titer
Test Number
Reference Interval
 F-Actin (Smooth Muscle) Ab, IgG by ELISARefer to report
0051244Smooth Muscle Antibody, IgG TiterRefer to report

Interpretive Data
F-Actin Antibody, IgG by ELISA: F-actin IgG antibodies have been shown to have increased sensitivity for autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) but lower specificity than smooth muscle antibodies (SMA). F-actin IgG antibodies can also be seen in SMA-negative disease controls (non-AIH), especially in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis C infections. Some patients with AIH may be SMA-positive but negative for F-actin IgG. Consider testing for SMA by IFA if suspicion for AIH is strong.

Liver-Kidney Microsome - 1 Antibody, IgG by ELISA: A positive result indicates the presence of IgG antibodies to recombinant human P450 2D6 and suggests the possibility of autoimmune hepatitis, type 2. A negative LKM-1 does not rule out the presence of autoimmune hepatitis, type 2.

If F-Actin, IgG result is 20 Units or greater, then Smooth Muscle Antibody, IgG titer will be added. Additional charges apply.
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CPT Code(s)
83516 x2; 86376; if reflexed, add 86256
Component Test Code*Component Chart NameLOINC
0050065Mitochondrial (M2) Antibody, IgG14251-3
0055241Liver-Kid Microsome-1 Ab, IgG by ELISA47318-1
0055248F-Actin (Smooth Muscle) Ab, IgG by ELISA44706-0
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  • AMA M2
  • anti-M2
  • Antinuclear Antibodies, Serum
  • F Actin
  • F-actin
  • F-Actin (Smooth Muscle) Antibody, IgG
  • Liver-Kidney Microsome-1 Antibody, IgG
  • LKM1 IgG
  • Mito M2
  • Mitochondrial Antibodies, Serum
  • Mitochondrial M2 Antibody, IgG (ELISA)
  • SMA
  • SMA Titer
  • Smooth Muscle Antibodies, Serum
  • Smooth Muscle Antibody, IgG Titer