Sexually Transmitted Disease Panel 1 by Transcription-Mediated Amplification
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Preferred test for detecting Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, and Trichomonas vaginalis in variety of specimens.
Qualitative Transcription-Mediated Amplification
Mon, Wed, Fri
1-4 days  
New York DOH Approval Status
This test is New York DOH approved.
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Specimen Required
Patient Preparation
Endocervical or vaginal swab, or first catch female urine. Collect in APTIMA Combo 2 Assay transport media (ARUP supply: Swabs #28907, Urine #28908) OR cervical brush in ThinPrep transport Pap test media (ARUP supply #42711). Available online through eSupply using ARUP Connect™ or contact Client Services at (800) 522-2787. Refer to "Sample Collection for the Diagnosis of STD" under Specimen Handling at for specific specimen collection and transport instructions.  
Specimen Preparation
Transfer swab or urine to APTIMA Combo 2 Assay transport media. (Min: 2 mL urine) OR Vortex Pap test media and transfer a 1 mL aliquot to APTIMA Combo 2 transport media. To reduce the potential for contamination, ThinPrep specimens should be poured off, using sterile technique, into the APTIMA Specimen Transfer Tube prior to cytology testing.  
Storage/Transport Temperature
Unacceptable Conditions
Large white swab is for preparatory cleaning of the endocervix and is unacceptable for testing. Specimens in any transport media other than indicated above. Specimen in swab transport media without a swab. Specimens from patients that are less than 14 years of age.  
The Trichomonas vaginalis assay is FDA approved for specimens from female patients only. Specimen source is required.  
ThinPrep Media: Ambient: 1 month; Refrigerated: 1 month; Frozen: Unacceptable
Swab in APTIMA Transport Media:
Ambient: 2 months; Refrigerated: 2 months; Frozen: 6 months
Urine in APTIMA Transport Media:
Ambient: 1 month; Refrigerated: 1 month; Frozen: 6 months
ThinPrep in APTIMA Transport Media:
Ambient: 2 weeks; Refrigerated: 1 month; Frozen: 6 months  
Reference Interval
Reference Interval: Effective May 21, 2012
Test Number Components Reference Interval
0060243Chlamydia trachomatis by Transcription-​Mediated Amplification (TMA) Negative
0060244Neisseria gonorrhoeae by Transcription-​Mediated Amplification (TMA) Negative
2005506Trichomonas vaginalis by Transcription-​Mediated Amplification (TMA) Negative.
Interpretive Data
Refer to report.  
The performance of this test has not been evaluated in adolescents less than 14 years of age.
CPT Code(s)
87491; 87591; 87661
Component Test Code*Component Chart Name
0060243C. trachomatis by TMA
0060244N. gonorrhoeae by TMA
0060755APTIMA Media Type
2005507Specimen Source
2005508T. vaginalis by TMA
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