Amino Acids Quantitative, CSF
Ordering Recommendation
Ion Exchange Chromatography
2-5 days  
New York DOH Approval Status
This test is New York DOH approved.
Specimen Required
Patient Preparation
Specimen Preparation
Centrifuge CSF to separate and remove cellular material. Freeze supernatant. Transport 0.5 mL CSF. (Min: 0.3 mL)  
Storage/Transport Temperature
CRITICAL FROZEN. Separate specimens must be submitted when multiple tests are ordered.  
Unacceptable Conditions
Clinical information is needed for appropriate interpretation. Additional required information includes age, gender, diet (e.g., TPN therapy), drug therapy, and family history. Biochemical Genetics Patient History Form is available on the ARUP Web site at or by contacting ARUP Client Services.  
Ambient: Unacceptable; Refrigerated: 24 hours; Frozen: 1 month  
Reference Interval
Components Reference Interval Components Reference Interval 
Alanine 12.5-​47.3 µmol/L Isoleucine 1-​11µmol/L
Arginine 5.9-​30.6 µmol/L Leucine 3.4-​25.9 µmol/L
Asparagine < 23.6 µmol/L Lysine 7.8-​40.8 µmol/L
Aspartate < 5.8 µmol/L Methionine 0.4-​9.4 µmol/L
Citrulline < 5.6 µmol/L Ornithine 1.6-​12.0 µmol/L
Cystine < 5.0 µmol/L Phenylalanine 6.9-​25.1 µmol/L
Glutamine 230.7-​637.4 µmol/L Proline < 8.0 µmol/L
Glutamic Acid < 15 µmol/L Serine 18.0-​73.0 µmol/L
Glycine 3.1-​21 µmol/L Taurine 2.7-​16.2 µmol/L
Histidine 5-​24 µmol/L Threonine 10.8-​74.9 µmol/L
Homocystine 0 µmol/L Tyrosine 5.4-​23.7 µmol/L
Hydroxyproline < 8.0 µmol/L Valine 7.0-​37.1 µmol/L
Interpretive Data

See Compliance Statement B:
Statement B: This test was developed and its performance characteristics determined by ARUP Laboratories. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not approved or cleared this test; however, FDA clearance or approval is not currently required for clinical use. The results are not intended to be used as the sole means for clinical diagnosis or patient management decisions.
CPT Code(s)
Component Test Code*Component Chart Name
0080138Alanine, CSF
0080139Arginine, CSF
0080141Asparagine, CSF
0080142Aspartate, CSF
0080143Citrulline, CSF
0080144Cystine, CSF
0080148Glutamine, CSF
0080149Glutamic Acid, CSF
0080151Glycine, CSF
0080152Histidine, CSF
0080153Homocystine, CSF
0080154Hydroxyproline, CSF
0080156Isoleucine, CSF
0080157Leucine, CSF
0080158Lysine, CSF
0080159Methionine, CSF
0080161Ornithine, CSF
0080162Phenylalanine, CSF
0080163Proline, CSF
0080167Serine, CSF
0080168Taurine, CSF
0080169Threonine, CSF
0080171Tyrosine, CSF
0080172Valine, CSF
0080173Amino Acids, CSF Interpretation
* Component test codes cannot be used to order tests. The information provided here is not sufficient for interface builds; for a complete test mix, please click the sidebar link to access the Interface Map.
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