Comprehensive Muscle Biopsy Workup
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Tissue Workup
1-7 days
New York DOH Approval Status
This test is New York DOH approved.
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ARUP Consult®
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Specimen Required
Patient Preparation
Muscle biopsy. 
Specimen Preparation
Obtain Muscle/Nerve Biopsy collection kit prior to collection procedure, (ARUP supply #40923) available online through eSupply using ARUP Connect™ or contact Client Services at (800)522-2787. Special fixatives are required; collection instructions are provided with the kit.  
Storage/Transport Temperature
Room temperature. Also acceptable: Refrigerated. Ship in cooled container during summer months. 
Unacceptable Conditions
Specimens submitted with non-representative tissue type. Specimens that are not collected according to the collection instructions provided in the collection kit. 
Submit electronic request. If you do not have electronic ordering capability, use an ARUP Anatomic Pathology Form (#32960) with an ARUP client number. For additional technical details, contact ARUP Client Services at (800) 522-2787. Submit clinical history. 
Ambient: 24 hours; Refrigerated: 24 hours; Frozen: Unacceptable 
Reference Interval
Interpretive Data
Refer to report.

Detailed collection instructions are available in the Muscle Biopsy Collection Kit (#40923) or can be requested by contacting ARUP Client Services at (800) 522-2787. Use of a different collection kit could result in sub-optimal biopsy preparation or fixation and delays in diagnosis. All vials must be labeled with the patient's full name and unique identifier. Avoid drying of specimens; make sure the fresh specimens are completely moist with saline gauze and fixed specimen are submerged into the fixative and not caught on vial sides or in the threads of the cap. Please acquire and use ARUPs Muscle Biopsy Collection Kit as the instructions and contents make the muscle collection procedure safer and easier.

Testing is ordered at the discretion of the ARUP pathologist; charges vary by individual patient.
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CPT codes vary by individual patient
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8070000Submitting Physician
8070010Clinical History
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