Maternal Screening, Sequential, Specimen #2
Ordering Recommendation

Requires a previously submitted 1st trimester specimen, Maternal Screening, Sequential, Specimen #1 (0081293).
• 1st trimester screening test for trisomy 21 (T21, Down syndrome) and trisomy 18 (T18).
• 2nd trimester screening test for T21, T18, and open neural tube defects.
• Requires nuchal translucency measurement performed by an ultrasonographer certified by the Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF) or Nuchal Translucency Quality Review (NTQR).
• Risks provided in both 1st and 2nd trimesters.

Quantitative Chemiluminescent Immunoassay
2-4 days
New York DOH Approval Status
This test is New York DOH approved.
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Specimen Required
Patient Preparation
Requires a previously submitted first trimester specimen, Maternal Screening, Sequential, Specimen #1 (ARUP test code 0081293). Specimen must be drawn between 15 weeks, 0 days and 24 weeks, 6 days gestation. 
Serum separator tube or plain red. 
Specimen Preparation
Separate serum from cells ASAP or within 2 hours of collection. Transfer 3 mL serum to an ARUP Standard Transport Tube. (Min: 1 mL) 
Storage/Transport Temperature
Unacceptable Conditions
Plasma. Specimens exposed to repeated freeze/thaw cycles. Hemolyzed specimens. 
The patient demographic information provided with the Sequential, Specimen #1 will be used to calculate the risks for this report. No new demographic information is required. 
After separation from cells: Ambient: 24 hours; Refrigerated: 1 week; Frozen: 1 year 
Reference Interval
By report
Includes AFP, hCG, Estriol, Inhibin A, and previous PAPP-A.
Intervals are based upon weeks of gestation.
Interpretive Data
Refer to report

Component Test Code*Component Chart NameLOINC
0080021Patient's AFP1834-1
0080241Estimated Due Date11778-8
0080267MoM for DIA35738-4
0080268Patient's DIA23883-2
0080917Maternal Weight29463-7
0080918MoM for AFP20450-3
0080920Maternal Screen Interpretation49586-1
0080924Insulin Req Maternal Diabetes44877-9
0080925Family Hx Neural Tube Defect8670-2
0080926Maternal Race21484-1
0080927Number of Fetuses11878-6
0080932Maternal Age At Delivery21612-7
0080935Patient's hCG19080-1
0080937MoM For hCG20465-1
0080938Gestational Age (Exact)18185-9
0080941Patient's uE32250-9
0080943MoM for uE320466-9
0081065Nuchal Translucency (NT)12146-7
0081066Crown Rump Length11957-8
0081067Patient's PAPP-A32046-5
0081068MoM for PAPP-A32123-2
0081069Sonographer Certification #49089-6
0081070Sonographer Name49088-8
0081071Ultrasound Date34970-4
0081074MoM for NT49035-9
0081158Family History of Aneuploidy32435-0
2002857EER Maternal Screening, Seq, Spec 211526-1
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